the bees

by dylan parker

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released April 29, 2012

all music, lyrics & performances by dylan parker



all rights reserved


dylan parker Bebington, UK

I guess people define themselves by what they like. I like the following: charles dickens, jane austen, elizabeth gaskell, thomas hardy, w.h.auden, dorothy parker, velvet underground, bob dylan, the smiths, al pacino films, harry potter books, the beatles, imogen heap, siobhan donaghy, rufus wainwright, everton, tranmere rovers, chicago cubs, chicago blackhawks. I love none of these things ... more

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Track Name: milky way
& all those stars have probably died
what you see is an echo of their lives
but do not feel afraid
life has always worked that way
it shines on beyond the last
Track Name: lily
it was a strange old sound
followed me all the down
one day this will end
& I stayed quiet
'cause I thought it would keep me safe

it is not for all my life that I've loved you
never forget that
Track Name: universe
some things can only come with age
but I can make you no gift of Time
the stars were drowned in our company
& universe implosions took me
where I share in your light
Track Name: aberdeen
you're tired of this place
& I can't stay here without you
but wherever we go
it must be near the coast
I know you love the sound of water

the north sea roars in play
our granite houses would melancholic be
but that we were born
ourselves forlorn
until the miles between us were all spent
Track Name: pluto
anyone can make a promise
anyone can change the world
anyone can reject or believe in a god
but I want some insight into your mind

'cause every lie ever told
was told to draw out a truth
so don't be too hard on me
I just want some insight into your mind
Track Name: are birds free?
as I ran through your village
you stood there in my mind
oh I heard your voice's harmonies
carve tunnels throughout time
& as I hid around the corner
you silenced every rumble in the sky

oh I came into the station
a train in for the night
where I saw the moonlight breaking
from which I could not hide
& as they took me to the prison
you released me from the shackles of my life

so I lay here in the courtyard
where doves were seen to fly
& though it is just another journey
I'm brightened by their light
& in the wake of their goodness
I was swept up to the safety of your side
Track Name: cowardice
girl I don't know what I can do
I try my best girl, when I'm with you
but you can't bare t'look me in the eye
when you say words like 'love'

& though my heart would break
if I couldn't take danger away from you
with you I'm a coward
Track Name: wisdom
won't you believe love
in a Love that never goes?
would not falsely engage your broken heart
dare try rearrange songs of a lark
nor let estrange, for a moment's part
with you
documents the history of the world

can't you have faith
in a loved one & old friend?
though piety decrees that you're never lost
& ideals succeed, they're not without their cost
for there have been lines I have crossed
with you
in accordance with our passionate natures

please trust me this once
Love outlasts our lifetimes.
a brand new morn is God's own hand
& a baby born may harvest the land
but nought came before that could command
the unselfishness of our shared wisdom
Track Name: bath
before I could lose me, I found you
took full five hours & three trains
we liked all the same books
we went to jane austen's old house
where tomorrow was our today
& all I could do was 'goodbye' again
Track Name: venus
what goes on behind your eyes
when you say goodbye?
& I watch you fade
& whisper plain,
'you taught me wrong from right'

you strike a chord that I thought mine
but still you must alight
do you remember when
you showed me again
the world can be black & white?
Track Name: jupiter
Of the joys I have known -
the sweetest was
the accidental
and gentle
caress which overcame
our mutual shyness

Of the knocks I withstood -
would that they had
been a thousand-fold
than be told:
love is not holding.
I feel its soft release
Track Name: saturn
y'know when you drink
don't you ever stop & think
just how dangerous it is
it is time
so why do you do it
when it only hurts your mind,
your wonderful mind?

if you stay out late
I can't legislate
for those who'd take advantage of you
but please don't cry
& why put yourself through it
when it only darkens your eye,
your beautiful eye?
Track Name: run away
we've been together for some time now
but I still haven't said
no, no, no, no
what you so badly want me to
thought you know that I do
& isn't that enough
to run away with me?
& I'll run away with you
to run away with me
& I'll run away with you

our hearts have played forever in time
& kissed no other ones
no, no, no, no
so won't you hold tight onto
a love that is not new
but means more because
if I ever run away
I will run away with you
if I ever run away
it will be to run away with you
Track Name: mars
you got a last chance with me girl
but you went ahead with another boy
you try & tease me girl
like some other toy
but y'cannot stop me now

I don't know where t'go
& you took me then
you gotta use me girl
like some other one
but y'cannot stop me now