by dylan parker

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all songs written in 2010 - good year! - please use headphones if possible :)


released May 28, 2012

all songs written by dylan parker



all rights reserved


dylan parker Bebington, UK

I guess people define themselves by what they like. I like the following: charles dickens, jane austen, elizabeth gaskell, thomas hardy, w.h.auden, dorothy parker, velvet underground, bob dylan, the smiths, al pacino films, harry potter books, the beatles, imogen heap, siobhan donaghy, rufus wainwright, everton, tranmere rovers, chicago cubs, chicago blackhawks. I love none of these things ... more

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Track Name: irish
you know that I was a thousand miles away
when I met a girl from ireland
& I care what you think of me
but you don't care what anyone thinks
& wanted nothing in return
you wanted nothing in return
you never wanted nothing in return
Track Name: orbits
been to the house
where you used to live
I've given you everything
that I can give
I've taken you with me
when I've gone on alone
I've taken you baby
you know you're my home

don't think that if
I hadn't met you before
I would have done
the things that I've done
don't think that I
could believe in a god
who had not thought
of you before I done
Track Name: downstream
the first thing I will do
is look for you.
if not you,
then no one

I won't haunt you
nor taunt you
& if you ask me to,
I won't love,
if not you
Track Name: ballade for my best friend
light poured out from the sky
& that's where all the locksmiths hide
but don't you cry
for I had grown old
before I knew how to be young

now the sky falls down on me, yeah

streams are painted gold
it's the first thing I was told
but as it unfolds
oh I had grown cruel
before I knew how to be kind

& now the sky falls down on me, yeah
Track Name: & ideal grace
I miss the sound of your voice
but much more
I miss the freedom of choice

Is it one year, two that I've been livin'
& I was given to understand
that you and I
was not why
we were put on this earth?

I miss the smell of your hair
but more than that
I miss not knowing quite where you are

Is is three, four years I was livin'
since I've been given to understnd
that you and I
is not why
we were put on this earth?
Track Name: paleness moves me more
deep black oceans of a sky
appear to me most every night
& I'll set you free
as soon as you agree
which one of us was right

when things go wrong in our lives
we weigh upon each other's mind
& I'll let it go
just as soon as you know
my darling you were right
Track Name: kimberley
I have no way of knowing
just how long it has been
but all I see when I look at you
is what you have meant to me

& maybe I tried too hard to be free

from your eyes the evening sky
draws shadows upon the earth
& I never told nobody else
about the universe

for the fear of one day being overheard
Track Name: greatest of these
as I have looked upon the past
through mirrors in your mind
I saw it all
though it was not there
for someone else to find

oh but how,
how can you
tell me that I'm blind?

through the passing seasons of your eyes
I've undreamt the old dreams
as if to watch
illusions of time
restore what's lost to me

woah but how,
how can you
tell me what I can see?

yes how,
how can you
say what I can't see?
Track Name: you
won't drop a thing
were you in need
your heart is his
alone to read
there are no returns
from chosen roads
I will not wait
for to be told
that Love is that
or Love is this
when lips needn't touch
that we may kiss
Track Name: crash!
when I first saw you
I tripped over all my words
I'd never seen eyes like yours

but if we carry on like this
we're gonna crash!
if we carry on like this
we're gonna crash!

I like the way o' your mind
you always say what you think
I couldn't talk down t' you

but if we carry on like this
we're gonna crash!
& if we carry on like this
we're gonna crash!
Track Name: what was said
what was said never dies
an immortal meeting of our eyes
but don't you see
that to kiss me now
would be the cruelest thing anyone could do
when I'm trying so hard to forget you?

no one denies the love I was in
though I can say it doesn't mean a thing
but to come back home
when you're sad and alone
is the cruelest thing anyone could do
when I've tried so hard to forget you